​Art changes you and the world.


Voice of Artは、福祉、教育の分野において多くの人がアートの恩恵を得られるように活動を行っています。


Our society is changing rapidly. We are facing globalization and the collapse of lifetime employment in an age of the 100-year life. 

The pace of technological progress is accelerating. Yesterday's common sense can no longer be understood today. 

In such an uncertain environment, we are anxious and exhausted, seeking our way out of the maze.

So what we need now is a stimulant to refresh our mind and provide us with a refreshed view of the world.

Voice of Art brings healing and awareness through its unique and innovative art classes, which help you stop thinking and start feeling the complex world on a deeper level.

Just give it a try. Your everyday life will be invigorated.

Hoping to engage the Japanese workforce through creative endeavors,Voice of Art provides working generations with opportunities to come into touch with art and be inspired. We look forward to supporting your creative journey. 



Hitoko Sugimura


代表 ​杉村 仁子




初心者のためのクラシック音楽と絵画鑑賞の勉強会のサロンを立ち上げ、講師を務めた経験を生かし、Voice of Artをスタート。